MIA Sunday School Talk Recap: Let’s Be Kind

February 2nd, 2016
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McKinney Islamic Center!


JazakaAllahkhair for inviting me to come speak to the Sunday School students at MIA. MashaAllah, they are an amazing group that are eager to learn and ask some very good questions!


As a very short recap, we discussed the following items:

Be Kind like our Prophet (s) – To All of Creation

• Our Prophet (s) was sent as a role model and the perfect example for us to follow
• We shared many stories that showed how the Prophet (s) had an exalted character filled with mercy and kindness
• One specific story we shared was the Hadith of our beloved Prophet (s) in which he spoke about a man who helped a thirsty dog by getting water from a well. Due to this small action, Allah (swt) was so pleased and happy with him. The Prophet (s) mentioned in this same hadith that there is reward for helping any living being.
• We also shared the story of the Prophet (s) giving up a miswak he found to one of his companions


Be someone who helps other people who are getting picked on or bullied

• If you know or see someone getting picked on or bullied, we should try to help if we can.
• We can help by finding an adult, such as a teacher, to help the victim
• Supporting the victim and helping them build their confidence and get help


If you are being bullied in school or anywhere else, make sure you…

• Tell an adult who can help, such as a teacher, principal, or cousenlor
• Tell your parents…..have a conversation with them about how you think they can help
• Avoid being alone in areas that are isolated
• Surround yourself with good friends
• If you need someone else that can help, speak with someone at your Masjid, such as your amazing Sunday School teachers


May Allah bless the amazing work you are all doing at MIA.

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