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Rahma Institute is dedicated to empowering Muslim families through education and social services. Through engaging courses, practical life seminars, and other programs, Rahma Institute hopes to provide each member of the family the proper knowledge and skills to maintain a strong family structure.


Our programs consist of:

  • – Pre-Marriage and Marriage Education
  • – Parenting Workshops
  • – Youth Empowerment
  • – Counseling


Who We Are


Rahma Institute was established by a group of individuals who have a passion to educate Muslim families. Our goal is to guide individuals through each phase in their lives according to the Quran and the exemplary life of our beloved Prophet (S).


This includes:

  • – How to raise a family
  • – How to live an exemplary marriage
  • – How to inspire our youth


Our certified instructors and facilitators collaborate with scholars and community leaders to provide each member of a family the tools and knowledge to build a relationship filled with Rahma (Mercy) and Muwadda (Love).




Each one of us is part of a family structure. As husbands, wives, parents, and children, our entire life will always be connected to some form of a family unit. It is therefore imperative for each one of us to educate and learn how we can cultivate the seeds of family into a blessed tree. As we nurture and take care of our family structure, through time and patience, this will solidify the roots for a stable and strong bond, ultimately bearing fruits of change in our society.


Our goal is to create better functioning families which will culminate a healthy community and Ummah at large. No matter how strong our marriages and families are today, it is only through the right knowledge and understanding we can sustain this into the future. Additionally, Rahma Institute is dedicated to further provide an in depth analysis and research to help identify and respond to the challenges facing Muslims today.


In our society today, we often look to solve issues after they happen or when the problem is too late. We look to help a married couple only when they reach the brink of divorce, help a child learn to openly speak to parents only after the bridges to communication fail, care about our children’s upraising only after they have threatened to run away from home.


We firmly believe that taking proactive steps through sincerity, knowledge, application, and evaluation one may be able to change oneself and better contribute to society by building strong and healthy families according to the Divine decree and through the exemplary character of our beloved Prophet (S). Rahma is committed to shifting the mindset and providing education to all families. Our Goal therefore is to: Revive & Awaken the Homes of Muslims through Awareness (RAHMA).


Contact RAHMA


Please email us to request appointments, schedule speaking engagements, get details regarding our programs, or for general information: info@rahmainstitute.org