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Mehboob Ali


Mehboob Ali is a co-founder of Rahma Institute, an organization dedicated to empowering families through education and social services. While driving global strategy for a fortune 100 company based in Silicon Valley, Br. Mehboob worked to complete a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling & Mental Health to serve the Muslim community.

He has been helping families and youth by providing faith-based counseling and educational programs for more than 15 years. He conducts various programs and workshops to address a wide range of topics to provide awareness on current challenges the Muslim Community faces and to instill proactive change.

As a graduate of an Islamic High School and learning and collaborating with Islamic scholars, he provides a unique insight on what the Muslim youth and families face today. He is currently pursuing formal studies in various subjects, including Islamic Psychology. His goal and vision for Rahma Institute is to empower individuals to unlock and reach their full potential.

Salma Khan


Sr. Salma has a B.S. in Psychology with a focus on childhood development.  As a co-Founder of Rahma Institute, Sr. Salma's passion is around using education to spread awareness in marriage, family, and youth empowerment.  As a certified marriage educator, she helps couples with counseling and mediation.  She is also currently the chair-person for Social Services Committee (SSC) at the Islamic Association of Collin County (IACC Plano).  The SSC team has established a hotline for community members requiring counseling and built partnership to manage abuse cases.

Ameer Uddin


Br. Ameer is a certified marriage educator and has completed multiple training programs with a concentration on escalated marriage issues, conflict resolution, problem solving, and communication.  As one of the co-founders of Rahma Institute, he is focused on creating awareness opportunities within the Muslim Community for family and youth education.