"What did you do in your Youth?"

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Our Youth = Our Future.  It’s that simple.  In a day and age where youth are often neglected and therefore led to find external outlets apart from what is in line with the deen, Rahma provides that outlet and connects to educate and empower our youth with the right knowledge to make rational decisions.  As our Prophet (S) said,”you will not move from where you were resurrected until you answer 3 questions…..how did you spend your wealth, what did you do in your youth….”


Rahma Institute is dedicated to teaching our youth the tools they need to be our leaders for tomorrow.  Our youth programs enable the youth to understand themselves, make them appreciate the deen and how they hold an important identity and role in society.



5-b4-5: Youth Workshop DFW

EPIC May 24, 2014 – Registration Now Open!

IACC Nov 23, 2014

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