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  • “I would like to thank you again for working with us. The course was very helpful and we enjoyed coming to the classes. You were very open and made us feel comfortable talking to you. All in all the class was fun, which was something I didn’t expect. Thank you!”

    Premarital Counseling Attendee

  • “I attained a good amount of knowledge that does not only apply to religious impact in my life, but also practical in every day school and personal life. By keeping your goals in mind as a youth, you can attain success in the future.”
    5-b4-5 Workshop: IACC Plano Masjid


  • “Awesome Class!”
    5-b4-5 Workshop: IACC Plano Masjid


  • “This course was beneficial to me and I enjoyed being here rather than wasting time.”

    -A.K. 5-b4-5 Workshop

  • “This class was amazing and fun. The time went really fast!”
    5-b4-5 Workshop: IACC Plano Masjid

  • “The seminar helped me realize that marriage requires constant maintenance and management.  It helped define the roles and responsibilities of the husband and wife within the marriage.  This course was different because it defined marriage in terms of our journey to the next world. This isn’t something we hear in typical marriage seminars.”
    -J.K., Married 8 years, The Sacred Bond
  • “Alhumdulilah, I have been married for over 10 years and wished there was something like this before I got married. This course provides you with the tools necessary to “nourish” your marriage, I learned an important lesson which is that marriage is something you build and strengthen continuously throughout your life and is one of the most valuable assets that you invest your time and efforts in. Thank you for bringing this wonderful seminar to our community!”
    – A.S., Married 12 years, The Sacred Bond
  • “We wanted to express our gratitude for the workshop. It was beautiful! May you be able to bring more like this! May you be rewarded for all your efforts.”
    -S.M. & M.S., Married 11 years, The Sacred Bond


  • “The seminar was one of the best experiences I’ve had. The seminar helped me to increase my confidence in getting married. It opened my eyes to show me that marriage wasn’t an unattainable fantasy. It made me realize that a successful marriage requires hard work. This seminar was very fun, especially the interactive activities they had. It helped me to meet other married couples and learn from their experiences, and best of all I made new friends. I would recommend this seminar to anyone, especially those who are single because it really prepares one for marriage. It teaches you what to expect and not to expect in regards the relationship with your spouse. The knowledge I received was incredible and rewarding in that I understood myself much better. With good intentions, single people who come to this seminar might even find their future spouse, just as I did. My husband and I both received the background knowledge of marriage at this seminar, which has been helping our relationship grow fruitfully (Alhumdulilah).”
    -S.T., Married 10 months, The Sacred Bond