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“I would like to thank you again for working with us. The course was very helpful and we enjoyed coming to the classes. You were very open and made us feel comfortable talking to you. All in all the class was fun, which was something I didn’t expect. Thank you!”


“Overall it was amazing experience, being able to get non-bias counseling opens up many doors to solution, and helps couple to sort out differences to make a better future.”


“Br. Mehboob is providing a very vital service which Muslims today need more than ever.  Pre-marriage education is very helpful it opens many doors to solution a couple may have specially in two different cultures…..this can save many marriages and lower divorce rate. There should be no shame in getting education period.”


Why Pre-Marriage Education?


The average family spends more than $35,000 and countless days of planning in order to prepare for one of the most important and special days of our lives: our weddings. Yet, ironically, when planning for our actual marriage – the days and nights we will spend with our spouse for the rest of our lives – we invest far less.


Pre-Marriage education and counseling is an opportunity to understand and learn the skills and characteristics to become a better spouse and ultimately a better individual.  We follow a 3-step format for our pre-marriage sessions:


– Educate: Teach the skills to be a successful spouse
– Inform: Learn how to work with new expectations
– Empower: Plan to sustain and grow your relationship


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